What is a working capital loan ?

A working capital loan is a loan availed to fund the daily operations of a business including regular bills that need to be paid, cash flow requirements, employee salaries, and other everyday costs. A working capital loan makes short-term cash available to fulfil a business's short-term operational needs. The businesses with high seasonality or cyclical sales cycles rely on working capital loans to help them with periods of reduced business activity.
Many times the business does not have adequate liquid funds to cover the operational expenses. Working capital loans are corporate debt borrowings used to finance the day-to-day expenses.
For instance, many manufacturing units struggle during the fourth quarter to pay for their operational expenses as this is the lean business period and there is a shortage of short-term cash flows. A working capital loan comes in handy during such situations.


Where do I Get the Business Working Capital Funding?

WG Financing provides workin capital throgh cash advances in order to quickly help business owners get the cash they need to take their business to the next level. The lack of sufficient business working capital is one of the primarily reasons small businesses go out of business. They don’t have the money they need to run their operations in many cases. But in other cases, they just don’t have the working capital to exploit opportunities that are clearly before them.


How Does The Process Work?

If you agree to sell a portion of your sales receipts at a discounted rate to us, we will loan your business the money you need to grow. Through automation, we retrieve our portion of each credit card sale as it is settled until your loan is paid off. The best part about this process, we don’t get paid until you do. There is no monthly bill, and the percentage is negotiated during your application. This percentage is fixed for the life of your funding. So don’t let the working capital control your business profits. Let WG Financing help to make your business needs count.


Why WG Financing?

Because to us, you are not just a number. Our customer friendly staff work hard to make sure that your application process is accurate. We are equipped to make your experience easy and professional. We look at each application on a case by case scenario to determine your business needs. This allow us to approve more applications than our competitors and get you the money your business need and deserve. Our rapid technology gets your approval notice in less than 48 hours.

Why Loan Affairs?

Running a successful business is not an easy task. There are always ups and downs that you, as a business owner face. We, at Loan Affairs, understand that meeting every financial need is not simple and sometimes you do need a helping hand.
We take special pride in being that institution that can help you when you need help the most. We also give you the option of choosing what kind of loan you would need. This helps in routing that fund in the right direction and give you the boost you need. Be it project funding, the working Loan Affairs requirement for raw materials purchase, term loans for machinery or bank overdraft, we have the solution that you are looking for.

Quick disbursement: Once all your documents are in place, your loan from loanaffaris can be disbursed within 3 business days.
Business Loan Interest Rates: Loan Affairs believes in applying the best market practices and adheres to the principle of giving its valuable customers the best business loan interest rates.
Guarantee: We offer you commercial loans with no additional collateral or guarantee.
Flexible EMI option: We give you the option and convenience of to customise your monthly loan repayment instalment that is best suited for your company's cash flow.
Complete access: You will have complete online access to your loan account and can keep track of your EMI schedule, interest paid on each EMI and interest certificates.
SME & MSME Loans: You can choose to fund your small or medium sized enterprises using SME loan. There are various factors to be considered to get approval. Find out more about small business loans.